To store and manage your business document intelligently in a centralized repository, allowing business to operate in a paperless environment and automates processes, ensuring security in the migration, safe-keeping and retrieval of records both in peacetime and in crisis.

Document Management Solutions Capabilities

01 Manage Digital Document
Support all types of document formats, including: –
• Scanned documents (TIFF, PDF, JPEG)
• Electronic document (word, excel, AutoCAD, Lotus, etc.)
• Email (MAPI compliant)
• Rich media content (presentation, photo, video, voice recording)
 02 Centralized Information Repository
• Achieve Standardization
• Easy Management
• Easy to Backup
• Support Multiple Storage Methodology (Local, NAS, SAN)
 03 Usability
• Web Base Solution
• Fast & Easy Implementation
• Accessible via LAN & WAN
• User-friendly Interface
• Encourages User Adoption & minimize resistance of change
 04 Distribution
• Email
• Electronic Fax
• Forward (forward link within e-DMS environment)
• CD/DVD Archive with Built-in Search Engine
 05 Security
• User authentication via e-DMS/Active Directory/ LDAP
• Folder Access Control
• Document Level Access Control
• Access Right Control
• Encryption
• Audit Trail
 06 Versatile and Scalability
• Unlimited Document Volume
• Unlimited Filing Structure (Document Profile/Folder)
• Organization Wide Implementation
• Support Multiple Storage Locations (Remote Storage)
• High availability
 09 Collaboration
• Adhoc workflow
• Workflow Process Automation
• Enable Business Rules Compliance
 07 Integration
• Integrate with Back End application
 08 Encryption AES256
• Advanced encryption standard implemented in the software helps eliminate vulnerability to data theft and enhances security strength in your network.
 10 Single Sign On (SSO)
• Offers seamless access to data with authentication and eliminating complexity.

Document Management Solutions Features

In a typical business scenario, claims for non-delivery or short-delivery of goods may be made on a regular basis. In this event, delivery orders are required to serve as a proof of delivery, the tracking of which is a common challenge faced by many organization. The integrated Proof of Delivery sub-Module allows organizations to effectively keep track of the status of daily delivery orders; plus, authorized users will also have quick and easy access to identify any unreturned/pending delivery order at the press of a button. Payment collection is also improved by having the delivery order as Proof of Delivery at all times.

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